9 Ways to Improve Your Online Presence in 2022

9 Ways to Improve Your Online Presence in 2022

1. Make Mobile-Friendly Responsive Website

Online presence can be greatly achieved by tapping the huge segment of mobile phone users . It is highly recommended to have a mobile friendly website. The number of people using their smartphones to search the internet is expected to reach around 3 billion by 2020. This simply means that more and more people are preferring their smart phones to search the internet rather than their desktop or laptop.

It is important that your website opens up fast on mobile devices because slow websites can be a real pain for your visitors and that will get you more bounce rate. Furthermore, Google is giving lot of priority to mobile friendly websites. So, mobile friendly websites are no more just an option, it is a necessity now.

2. Prioritise UX (User Experience)

Your website should be easy to navigate and the load time should be minimal. User experience is of utmost importance in todays ’competitive market. Customers have too many options available so they will not wait for you to improve.  You should have your call-to-action buttons will enable your visitors to turn in to valuable customers. It will help them reach out to you and experience your products or services.

Use analytics to gather information about the usage pattern of your website. This will help you work on things which needs your eye and optimize your website accordingly to your audience.

3. Great Content is beneficial for Online Presence

Well, this holds true since the time we got to know about digital marketing services. There is no way to keep your visitors engage without valued content on your site to help them out. Add a bit of infographics and videos to get your message across to your visitors. It is of paramount importance that your visitors should get value from your site. Once they find value in visiting your site, they will turn in to loyal audience and come back for more and more.

Furthermore, they will spread among their friends and peers about the benefits they derive from your site. Thereby multiplying your visitors and boosting your traffic count day by day.

4. Google My Business Listing is Important

Google my business listing is a great way to create your online presence. Google is the most popular search engine Worldwide with a stunning 81.5% market share. Hence, it is a great place to list your business. Google my Business gives you an opportunity to advertise your business among your target audience and reach out to them. It also lends credibility to your business once it has verified Google listing.

It will help you appear in local searches when customers are looking for service like you near them. It informs your customer about the type of services you provide. It informs them about your working hours and other important information. Which in turn will get you traffic who are potential buyers.

5. Use up to date Website Security Features

Https sites are no more just an option, it has become the need of the hour. It is very important to have the top most security features for your website to safeguard your visitors and yourself from any undoing.

Cybercrime is on the rise and more and more websites are falling prey to it. Hackers and scammers are coming up with new ways to attack businesses and it is the responsibility of website owners to prevent them and stay safe. Update the security features of your website at regular intervals. Use SSL for your website, this also helps you in SEO as Google prefer websites who have SSL enabled.

6. Expand your horizon with social media

Social media and online presence go hand in hand. Social media is a great way to reach out to your audience and stay connected with them. Social media platform allows your customers to contact you instantly and get their issues resolved. This in turn helps you build a positive image of your business. It helps you to stand out among your competitors and create a brand of your own.

With good social media marketing, you can engage your customers by sharing upcoming events and special offers about your product and services with your audience. Giving them special discounts or freebies are a good way to convert visitors of your social media profile in to valuable customers.

7. Connect to your Audience through Blogging

Blogging is a tried and tested way to announce your online presence and connect with your target audience. Start writing about things which you would like to share with your audience. Make sure you write about things which will add value to your blog. It is important to provide quality content which will provide valuable information or solutions to your visitors so that they find value in your content and come back for more.

Keep track of latest happening in your niche and keep your audience updated with the latest happenings in your field. This will add credibility to your business and help you create your brand.

8. Reach out to Fellow Bloggers

Reach out to fellow blogger in your niche. Build relationship with them. Share inputs and ideas to stay up to date with the latest trends and happening in your niche. A united community with like-minded people helps identify common issues in your niche area and come up with solutions for it.

Sharing relevant content and participating in conversation with your audience is a great way to engage your visitors and turn them in to potential customers. Share your fellow bloggers’ post and relevant materials to show appreciation about their work. This will help you build a strong bonding among your community.

9. Use Analytics Tools well

There are several analytical tools which you can use. Google Analytics being one of them. It is free to use and very helpful. Find out all the important metrics and work on them to improve on vital stats so that you can maximise the chances of your visitors ‘engagement. Check out the source of your visitors and the time they spend on your website. Check out the pages they visit most and create content accordingly to cater specifically as per their requirements.

Other tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs are also very popular and widely used. They are excellent in terms of getting valuable information regarding your competitors. You can work on things where you lag behind to stay competitive with them.

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